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PostSubject: BusinessProfessor   BusinessProfessor I_icon_minitimeSeptember 15th 2008, 12:00 am

this topic for the guys who will finish the study and who think to continue studying ...

this little post talks about how to become a Business Professor
inshalah i see u all professors ^^

businessprofessor-full.pdf - 0.05MB

or just read it down

Becoming a Business Professor

AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, June 2007

Why should you consider becoming a business professor? There are several reasons: job
security, an attractive income, flexible work conditions, intellectual stimulation, etc. Given
the shortage of individuals holding a doctoral degree in business and increasing demand
for their services, now is a particularly good time to become a business professor.
How strong is the demand for business professors?
In the field of business, the supply of new doctorates is less than the number of positions
available. This is due to three major factors: many senior faculty are retiring or will soon
retire, there is a significant increase in the number of students seeking degrees in
business (a trend likely to continue), and lastly, an insufficient number of students enroll
and complete doctoral business programs. According to a survey conducted by AACSB
International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, demand for
PhDs’ in business schools rose slightly in 2006 and the overall vacancy rate rose to 6.8
percent. At the same time, planned growth in business faculty positions for 2007 is 4.7
percent. Overall, the shortage of business faculty is predicted to reach 2,400 by 2012.
The faculty shortage has resulted in increasing salaries for faculty at business schools. In
2006, the average 9-month salary for an Assistant Professor (entry level) was $88.5k for
faculty teaching in management, $117.1k for finance, $106.6k for accounting and $97k for
marketing. Combined with additional compensation for activities such as summer
teaching and research activities, consulting, executive program teaching, textbook writing,
and sponsored papers and presentations, business faculty enjoy very healthy incomes.
What is the lifestyle of a business professor?
College and university professors enjoy many work and lifestyle privileges that are not
typically available in other professions. Significant professional and intellectual autonomy
allows for an unusual degree of freedom in defining work arrangements and in developing
areas of academic activity. Nine-month contracts allow faculty the freedom to travel and
undertake alternative teaching, research and consulting assignments. Tenured faculty
have employment that provides unprecedented job security. The opportunity to teach
highly motivated students, undertake research and develop satisfying professional
relations with colleagues across the country and world is without parallel in most other
professions. Being a professor also means having the opportunity to search for knowledge
that will improve business practice and society. Through their research and teaching,
faculty can have a significant effect on industry by making firms more efficient,
innovative, profitable, etc. They also can contribute to creating jobs and economic
prosperity at the national level. Few careers offer the rich intellectual and personal
challenge, monetary rewards and flexible lifestyle that are available to business school
Are there different types of doctoral programs?
The two principal degree designations offered by business doctoral programs are the PhD
(Doctor of Philosophy) and the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration). In an earlier era
of business education, the DBA was popularly regarded as providing a more general
exposure to business topics geared towards practice, while the PhD was viewed as focusing
more on research in a given business specialty. Over time, the distinction between these

degrees has become blurred at many institutions. At present, the PhD is more widely
available from business schools than the DBA, particularly in the U.S. Most PhD
programs require full-time participation while it is more common for DBA programs to be
part-time. Investigation of specific doctoral programs will yield information about the
particular focus of the degree at respective schools.
Do I need a masters degree or business experience to pursue a doctorate?
While this requirement varies among programs, many do not require that students have a
masters degree in business. There also is no specific requirement to have business work
experience. However, students who do not have a business background or degree will
likely have to take foundation masters courses in business.
How do I select a doctoral program?
Personal considerations, including location and educational choices in a specialized field of
interest, are criteria that may help narrow the range of possibilities. An obvious
consideration is whether a particular school has faculty who specialize in the prospective
student’s area of interest. Students often incorrectly assume that all schools offer similar
types of specializations and pay relatively little attention to the specific research interests
of faculty. This can cause some unfortunate surprises once a student begins a doctoral
program. Even among the leading doctoral programs at renowned research universities,
there are major differences in the areas in which schools have national and international
recognition for research and teaching. Prospective students should research faculty
interest areas no matter what school is being considered. As a practical matter, the growth
of diploma mills that offer doctoral degrees in business has made it even more crucial for
prospective students to exercise care in selecting a school.
One way to obtain information on faculty and schools is to consult with faculty known to
the student for help in defining an appropriate set of potential national or international
programs. An additional source of information is key research journals to identify
individual scholars who are doing research and writing articles in the field of interest. If
feasible, it is beneficial to visit the campus to meet with appropriate doctoral program
officials and faculty members with whom the student is likely to work. This also is a good
time to explore the availability of teaching and research assistantships. The degree of
selectivity in admissions of individual schools is another major factor to consider.
Asking schools for placement history data of recent doctoral graduates is especially
important since this information can be helpful in projecting the kinds of employment
opportunities likely to be available once doctoral studies have been completed. Data about
how many graduates took academic vs. non-academic jobs and how many received tenure
would also be useful in the program selection process. Overall, one should seek evidence
that program graduates are successful.
What role do rankings and accreditation play in choosing a doctoral program?
Publications that provide rankings of business schools should be viewed with some
skepticism when evaluating doctoral programs. These studies are highly subjective and
depend on unscientific survey data, word-of-mouth and other unreliable data. Moreover,
rankings by national business magazines often focus exclusively on MBA programs and

there may be little correlation between MBA rankings and the quality of doctoral
programs. Rankings should not substitute a student’s own investigation of particular
school characteristics. For more information about rankings, visit:
An important selection factor to consider is accreditation. Accreditation is a quality
measure indicating that knowledgeable peers from other institutions have determined
that a school’s programs meet accreditation standards for faculty composition, curriculum
content, instructional resources, intellectual contributions, etc. Virtually all colleges and
universities in the United States hold institutional accreditation conferred by regional
accrediting agencies. Other countries have their own accrediting bodies which are often
government agencies. Within the field of business, however, separate specialized
accreditation is conferred by AACSB. Selecting a school that is accredited by AACSB is an
assurance that the school provides a high-quality education. In fact, many schools in the
U.S. will only hire doctorates from AACSB accredited schools when recruiting for tenuretrack
faculty. The following link provides a list of AACSB accredited business schools:
What is it like to be a doctoral student?
Unlike undergraduate or master’s-level education, where individual courses and highly
structured learning with many different faculty members is the norm, doctoral education
places a greater emphasis on self-directed learning and close relationships with few
faculty in a particular area of specialization. Programs typically take 4-5 years to complete
and involve intense reading of academic journal articles and writing original research.
Financial assistance in the form of an assistantship is common. Doctoral students often
forge close relationships with faculty mentors. These mentors work closely with the
student to define a course of study, help them prepare for qualifying examinations, provide
guidance in the dissertation process and assist with finding their first faculty position.
A career as a business professor is an opportunity that has much to offer in terms of
intellectual stimulation, income, lifestyle and numerous other attractive characteristics.
Demand for business professors will remain healthy in the near-term and likely remain so
in the long-term. Becoming a professor is a career choice that will pay dividends for years
to come.
For additional information about doctoral business programs, visit:
www.aacsb.edu/resource_centers/doctoraledu/. Potential doctoral students who are
Hispanic, African-American or Native American should also visit: www.phdprojeect.com.
AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
777 South Harbour Island Boulevard, Suite 750
Tampa, FL 33602-5730 USA
Tel: 813-769-6500
Fax: 813-769-6559
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PostSubject: Re: BusinessProfessor   BusinessProfessor I_icon_minitimeSeptember 15th 2008, 12:04 am

wow thats alot n too late am gonna be an accountant how boring!!!

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PostSubject: Re: BusinessProfessor   BusinessProfessor I_icon_minitimeSeptember 15th 2008, 4:14 pm

no problem u can get the master degree in business admin

thanx for ur effort ahmed

BusinessProfessor Some-n10
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PostSubject: Re: BusinessProfessor   BusinessProfessor I_icon_minitimeSeptember 16th 2008, 12:14 am

Really good effort form u ,, keep up ..

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PostSubject: Re: BusinessProfessor   BusinessProfessor I_icon_minitime

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